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What Makes a Great Incursion?

“What a great incursion”

This is feedback we regularly receive.

So what makes a great incursion? What is the secret formula that leads our services to be regularly booked by the same clients time after time?

The first ingredient for a great incursion is a high skill level. Seems like an obvious statement, but it takes practice and training for a performer to keep their skills at a professional level. It also takes regular performance practice. Here at Circus in Education, the same circus artists that we use to deliver our circus incursions also tour regularly with other companies, and with their own solo works, both throughout Australia and internationally. A high skill level is one thing that definitely makes a great incursion.

The second thing that makes a great incursion is a great workshop. By the time they finish watching the show, kids will be excited and energized. The perfect way to use that energy is with a great workshop. Here at Circus in Education, our workshops offer students the opportunity to use a wide variety of equipment and learn a range of different skills – meaning there is something for everyone. A great incursion ends with a great workshop experience.

The third thing that makes a great incursion is choosing the right incursion. Here at Circus in Education, we understand that Schools, vacation Care Centres and Preschools are very different places. This is why we offer a range of shows to suit the needs of these different learning spaces. Generally speaking, School incursions will be of a very high skill level, suit larger audiences and allow teachers to build on the themes of the show within their classroom activities. Vacation Care Centres require smaller, more compact shows, that can fit in tight spaces and which are offered with workshops to keep participants busy and engaged. Meanwhile, Preschools need shows that are specifically geared to the youngest audiences members. It takes a special kind of show, and a particular type of performer to meet these wonderful little minds at their imaginative level. So the final ingredient for a great incursion? A great fit!

Here at Circus in Education we pride ourselves on delivering a great incursion experience every time. We service a wide variety of areas from the Sunshine Coast through to Melbourne.

To make a booking for your next incursion experience, simply contact us today.

We wish you a fun filled and energetic incursion experience!

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