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Why Choose Us?

So you’d like to know a bit more about us?

Well here at Circus in Education we love circus and we love education. It’s that simple!

We get a kick out of providing quality circus shows and workshops for schools, preschools, camps, vacation care centers and more. As a result, we provide great entertainment, and workshops that give kids of all ages rich and real learning experiences. And because we are passionate about the services we provide, you can be sure that our talented staff will give participants an experience to remember.

Sure, we also provide shows and workshops for festivals, events, organizations and the like, but our real passion is bringing the magic of circus to those places that focus on education and learning.

So what makes a circus experience so special? Well, every day teachers throughout the world aim to teach young people the keys to becoming a successful life-long learner. The words they use may be different in each setting, but the basic message is the same. They speak about persistence, about taking positive risks, about supporting each other, and about the value of trying each and every day to move towards a goal. Well, the amazing thing about circus is that it is a physical demonstration of all these qualities.

When you watch a great circus performer it is entertaining, but it is also effort in action.

Most importantly, when participants get to try the circus skills for themselves, they realize that they too can achieve things that they may not have believed they could do. This is the magic of the circus experience!

So why wait? The circus experience is at your fingertips – you make the call and we will do all the work.

All of our details can be found here. We look forward to sharing the magic of Circus in Education with you.