Why Circus?

The benefits of circus are tangible, obvious and many. Circus is a non-competitive way to engage people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Circus workshops offer fitness through fun, and give participants the opportunity to practice a wide variety of skills – thus ensuring that there is something for everybody. Circus encourages trust building and fosters persistence, resilience and confidence among participants, which then feeds into other areas of their life.

Circus performance is a way of demonstrating to the audience that the seemingly impossible is, in fact, achievable. Through its very nature, the act of witnessing a live circus performance is the witnessing of focus, of courage, of hard work and of dedication. Circus performance is the physical expression of those core values, and core habits that ensure success in any area of life.

There is a magic to circus. An excitement and a sense of wonder that makes it a unique platform through which to communicate, to teach and to learn.

For more information on the benefits of circus please view the links below:

Circus Short Film – thanks to Carnival Cinema