Kids Join the Circus for Fitness and Fun

The Join the Circus in a Day workshops promote fitness and fun…

Our recent school holiday circus workshops, held in local caravan parks and resorts in Evans Head and Yamba, were a whole lot of fun. The ‘Join the Circus in a Day’ workshop is a fun filled 4 hours of action, which sees kids ages 6-16 perform for friends and family at the end of the day. Fitness and flamboyance combine in this fantastic circus workshop, as the kids not only learn new skills, but present them alongside a professional performer.

Because their children were occupied with circus workshops throughout the entire day, parents were not sure what to expect when they came to see the end result in the afternoon. However their day was soon made as enthusiastic participants juggled, rolled, hula hooped and balanced in an entertaining and colorful circus display.

Most noteworthy were parents’ comments in feedback forms following the show. Many couldn’t believe how engaged their kids were with learning and presenting their new skills.

One thing is for sure, these kids have what it takes to run away and join the circus!

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