El Circo Grande

Circus Show Gets New Life As School Show

Quality circus show, The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Circus will go on to become available in schools as El Circo Grande’. This high skills one-woman show was originally designed as a fun and colorful festival style show. However performer, Jacqui Levy, is passionate about transforming the show into one that is made just for school audiences.

As a result of her years of experience as a school teacher, Jacqui is excited about creating a show that combines all the action packed fun of a circus show with strong messages about resilience and self-belief. One of the great things about circus is that it is a physical demonstration of all the positive qualities that teachers try to instill in kids every day. However it sometimes takes a strong story line to back that message up.

Although it will still be available for festivals and community events, Jacqui will begin presenting a special enriched version of El Circo Grande’ to school groups at the beginning of 2016. It is exciting to think that school students will have the opportunity to access a quality circus show with a strong take-home message in their very own school yard.

The El Circo Grande’ circus show will be available with an action packed workshop package for students. This workshop will reinforce themes introduced in the show, and further encourage positive risk taking in a fun and interactive way.

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