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Here at Circus in Education, we believe in the power of a great show. We offer a shows for schools, vacation care centers and preschools. We also cater for camps. All of our school shows are different, and each offers a different core message.

Many of our school shows focus on overcoming obstacles, persisting and bouncing back. This is because the very act of performing circus skills lends itself to these themes. Our performers are professional. They regularly tour both nationally and internationally, and they know what it means to work and train to achieve one’s goals. Funnily enough, these are the same skills that we seek to teach in our classrooms every day.

The great thing about our incursions is that they are incredibly entertaining and at the same time inspiring.

Our school shows are created to leave an impression. A small seed planted in the mind of a child might one day grow into a huge tree of achievement. We believe that one school show can make a small difference in the life of a child. When young people view circus, they view the impossible being made real before their very eyes. This is persistence and effort in action – and it demonstrates that anything can be achieved through focus and hard work.