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Our workshops encourage fitness through fun.
Here at Circus in Education, we understand that sometimes school workshops need to be structured, while at other times, it’s all about colour and fun. Because of this, we offer two very different circus workshop experiences.

Our Taste of Circus Workshops has been created for smaller groups. This circus workshop experience takes participants through a range of skills and builds confidence in a way that encourages positive risk-taking.

Meanwhile, our Circus Play Space has been created for festivals, outdoor community events, concerts, etc. The Circus Play Space is an outdoor free-flowing circus workshop experience that is colourful, vibrant and active. It adds a festive flavour to any large event and keeps participants with a wide variety of equipment.
Finally, Circus in Education works with schools, communities and government and non-government organizations to deliver ongoing projects that seek to create long-lasting educational outcomes. Find out more about our Collaborative Projects here.