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Circular Hoops

The Circular Hoops incursion is available in Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong. This incursion is suitable for Primary Schools of any size.

Circular Hoops is a fun filled and action packed incursion designed to amaze and entertain.

Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up for CIRCULAR CIRCUS. A show that completely revolves around the circle. The RING MISTRESS, Heidi Hoops, presents an astounding array of fabulous things you can do with a circle in a circus ring.

Is a jaw-dropping 6 hoop trick a probability? Can you spin a hoop on a cylindrical hat? Just how big is a giant hoop?

There are spinning plates, sonic booms, juggling rings, mind-reading domes, and disappearing polka dots too.

Meet a circus professor who will confound you with a math-a-magical puzzle. Test your genius with an interactive quiz and count down the finale.

If Heidi can beat the clock, she will spin a humongous stack of hula hoops all at once too!

The Circular Hoops incursion is designed to play on larger stages to a sizable audience and is also well suited to outdoor school fundraisers and community events.

To book the Circular Circus incursion in Sydney, the Central Coast or Wollongong, contact us today.

Circular Hoops Incursion Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong