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Comedy Circus Stunt Show

The Comedy Circus Stunt Show is an action packed incursion performance that features high skills circus, clowning, magic and a range of extraordinary stunts.

For over 20 years this highly versatile performer has been entertaining audiences, young and old, with his finely tuned physical circus tricks, incredible magic and side-splitting stand-up comedy.

This show is regularly modified and tailored to suit a wide range of audiences and venues. The Comedy Stunt Circus Incursion may be booked as a School Incursion and can be scaled up or down according to the audience size and the available space.

This performance can also be booked as a Vacation Care incursion and is offered alongside our signature Taste of Circus workshop as an incursion package. 

The Comedy Stunt Circus Incursion is available for Schools and Vacation Care Centers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and on the Sunshine Coast.

This mixture of comedy, high skills circus and professionalism is always a treat!

comedy circus stunt show incursion performance