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Dazzling Disco

Dazzling Disco is an outstanding workshop experience. Action packed, fun filled and guaranteed to leave a smile on everyone’s face.

The Dazzling Disco workshop incursion is available in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and in Northern NSW. It is well suited to Vacation Care Centers, Preschools and Small Schools or small school groups.

This incursion runs for just over an hour and is jam packed with games, activities, prizes and … you guessed it … Disco dancing!

Join our wonderful presenter, Shorty, as she brings her signature flavor of energy and excitement to your students. Her contagious enthusiasm and awesome tunes will have participants rocking and bopping and begging for more.

The Dazzling Disco workshop includes a range of whole group games and activities that are full of fun and laughter.

The Dazzling Disco workshop is a unique incursion experience. To book this incursion in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Northern NSW, contact us today.


Dazzling Disco Workshop