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Dr Hubble’s Bubble Show

The Dr Hubble’s Bubble Show incursion is an incursion for preschools and vacation care centers. This incursion is available in Melbourne and Geelong and in the greater Melbourne area.

Everybody loves bubbles but Dr Hubble REALLY loves bubbles. What’s more, he’s happy to show you why.

This unique preschool show starts as children watch one big bubble blown from the hand and then follow the bubble on its journey. As they watch the journey of the bubble unfold, children are united and brought into a state of wonder. And then the fun begins as Dr Hubble shows us the magic and beauty of bubbles.

Dr Hubble makes bubbles from objects we find around the house like the milk bottle bubble and the gum boot bubble. You will also see bubbles inside bubbles, a square bubble, the biggest bubbles you have ever seen, the new explode-a bubble and at the end of the performance one lucky child will be put inside a bubble.

Dr Hubble shows the children different ways to make bubbles at home and how to keep bubbles alive by blowing gently underneath them.

Dr Hubble’s bubble show links to the Early Years Learning Framework outcome number 4 by encouraging children’s curiosity and creativity. The show encourages inquiry and experimentation in a fun and engaging way. Furthermore, educators can continue the learning experience after the show, by creating and experimenting with their own bubble play. In this way, children are encouraged to transfer and adapt what they have learned to create their own personal experience.

Dr Hubble's Bubble Show Incursion