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HMAS Heidi Hoops

H.M.A.S Heidi Hoops incursion takes hula hooping to a whole new level.

Pull up anchor and set sail for a circus adventure with H.M.A.S Heidi Hoops on a journey to Lighthouse Island. 

Throughout this fun filled incursion experience, the captain will recruit sailors to jump through hoops, learn the ropes, and keep and eye out for pirates. Be prepared for magic, mayhem, circus tricks and lots and lots of fun along the way before you cruise into harbor with a spectacular LED juggling and hula hooping light show finale.

For the best effect, this show requires an indoor performance space with an ability to black out most light. The show finishes with an LED Hula Hoop routine that will excite and entertain.

The H.M.A.S Heidi circus incursion can be offered with Taste of Circus workshops for up to 100 students. This allows students to experience the full magic of circus for themselves.

Show contains: Comedy, rope tricks, juggling, whips, audience participation, lasso, incredible LED Hoops, fabulous costumes, a touch of magic and loads and loads of hula hoops.

HMAS Heidi Hoops Incursion Sydney Wollongong