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The Snors Family Circus

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The Snors Family Circus School Incursion

Snors Family Circus

Good Old Fashioned Circus Fun

AVAILABLE: Sydney, Central Coast, Woolongong

SUITABLE: Primary School, Secondary School

An incursion that is as professional as it is entertaining.

Join the Snor’s Family Circus for an easy going, fun show that is grounded in slapstick, clowning and good old fashioned circus.

This incursion is a duo show that is suitable for large school audiences. The members of the Snore’s Family Circus are incredibly experienced, having toured internationally for many years. The performers, between them, have a wide range of solo and duo acts. This means that this incursion can be tailored to suit any venue as required.

The Snor’s Family Circus incursion can include the following acts:

Duo penny farthing acrobatics
Roue Cyr
Duo comedy juggling
Duo plate spinning
Comedy Magic
Hat juggling
Aerials (if rigging is available).

The Snor’s Family Circus incursion is a favorite within Australia’s festivals, and has earned many accolades throughout it’s touring history.

The Snor’s Family Circus incursion is regularly booked by medium to large schools within Sydney and the surrounding areas.

To make a booking, contact us today.