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Strong Lady


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Strong Lady School Incursion QLD

Strong Lady – An Unmissable Incursion!

AVAILABLE: Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Selected Locations in NSW (please inquire)

SUITABLE: Secondary School

Strong Lady is an incursion aimed at Secondary School students, and is available only during Term 1 of 2018.

This powerful one­‐woman show was first developed in Australia in 2005 and began touring internationally in 2007. It has now delighted crowds across 21 countries, and has been performed in 6 languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and English).

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About the show:
STRONG LADY is a celebration of strength, femininity, body positivity and connection.  She explores the play between strength and elegance to plant a seed in the minds of the audience that power and softness are not gendered things.  Her delight and connection throughout the show model what it is to celebrate the things that make us different to each other, without losing sight of the fact that we are all much more the same than we are different.
The show inspires, amazes and gives the laughter muscles a great workout.
About the workshop:
Charmaine believes that there are infinite ways to be strong – she will focus on the strength of stability and control in both the body and mind.  In the body, this kind of strength is what allows her to lift men into the air injury free and to move with elegance and balance.  In the mind, this kind of strength allow us to develop habits of being responsive rather than reactive – to choose where we focus our attention and what story we tell ourselves about it.  We can free ourselves from frustration or ideas of how things ‘should’ be different, so that we can get on with achieving our goals, whatever they may be.
Her physical strength training tips will center around developing a habit of training towards goals (rather than exercising to avoid a body we don’t want) and will include mostly core strength exercises.  Her training approach is based in the idea that you can not hate your body into being better, you can not force it to do what it is not ready for and that moving a little every day is more potent than an epic session once in a while.
Her mental training tips will centre around developing habits of thought that are: in approach, rather than avoidance mode, release patterns of chronic stress, allow us to respond rather than react, and that help us to be more present and mindful.  She will cover basic understanding of the science of neural pathways, the parasympathetic nervous system and vagal tone.

Only in Australia during Term 1 of 2018. Don’t Miss Out. Email or simply use our convenient contact form.