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True Strength

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true strength

True Strength – The Tale of a Strongman


SUITABLE: Primary School

Specifically designed as an assembly presentation show, True Strength is a vaudeville style performance showcasing feats of acrobatic strength and daring, with an interactive and humorous touch.

Featuring themes of positive self-talk, bullying and self-reliance, the charming Mr Pitch will entertain young people and adults alike as he tells the tale of his incredible strength – proving in the end, that the strongest part of ourselves is not necessarily the part we see.

True Strength is a 25-minute performance that suits audiences of all ages. True Strength is available in most areas of mid to southern NSW, including the Sydney metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs. Contact us for a detailed quote and to discuss your individual requirements.

“His athleticism, power and artistry that takes our breath away and leaves us speechless at the end of his set.”

L. Matheson –