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Snore's Small Circus

Snore’s Small Circus Incursion is available in Sydney, the Central Coast and Wollongong.

This incursion is all about fun, laughter and the playful nature of the clown.

Join one half of the Snore’s Family Circus for this friendly and funny circus performance featuring juggling, unicycle and more. Audiences will love our presenter, George. Not only will they be engaged and entertained by his circus skills, but they will fall in love with his warm clown character as he enjoys interacting with children of all ages.

This incursion is suitable for Vacation Care Centers, Small Schools and can be adapted for Preschools.

This incursion is regularly booked by vacation care centers and grade groups from Sydney and the surrounding areas. This show is well suited to younger age groups, but the high skill level also means that older students also find it entertaining.

Snore’s Small Circus incursion is presented with accompanying circus workshops for vacation care centers or school groups. These circus workshops are presented with the same warm flair as the show. Workshops delivered by this presenter are regularly met with fantastic feedback as George has a knack of reaching all students during these sessions.

For more information about Snore’s Small Circus incursion, or to make a booking, please Contact Us.