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Circus Play Space

Circus in Education’s outdoor circus play space is a fun and extremely interactive free flowing workshop space that allows people of all ages to participate as they choose. It encourages communication between parents and their children, engages teenagers in a positive and relaxed manner and creates an infectiously vibrant and colorful atmosphere.

If you are seeking to create a space that will have young people and adults alike experimenting and taking risks in a positive and active manner, then look no further than our outdoor Circus Play Space. Regularly booked for festivals, community events, fundraisers, fetes and outdoor cinema events the Circus Play Space suits when structured workshops are not ideal.

The Circus Play Space comes with a branded marque’, colorful signage, pegs and chain to mark out an activity area and enough equipment to entertain up to 100 participants at once. Workshop equipment includes hula-hoop, poi, rola bola, devil sticks, spinning plates, juggling clubs, juggling balls, twirling ribbons, diablo and more. Experienced workshop facilitators ensure maximum ongoing engagement and adherence to best practice and safety principals.

Contact us to see how the Circus Play Space can inject life into your next event.

“It was such a pleasure having you do circus in education at Cinema Under the Stars this season. It was definitely a hit with the kids and we loved having you on board. It certainly adds a great dynamic to the event.”

D. Lilley – Newcastle Permanent Bank’s Cinema Under the Stars