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Strong Lady – Secondary School Incursion

Learn From a Strong Lady…

The Strong Lady Secondary School Incursion – Available For a Limited Time Only!

Circus in Education is pleased to present Strong Lady – A Secondary School incursion with a twist.

Strong Lady is a show that has been presented in 21 countries over the past 10 years. And it is still touring today.

A beautifully crafted show, Strong Lady tells the story of Betty Brawn – a lady of great strength who breaks down gender stereotypes. Throughout the show Betty Brawn, played by circus artist, Charmaine Childs, tears whole novels in half, breaks steel chains and lifts two grown men into the air to form a human carousel!

However this secondary school incursion is more than just a performance. Charmaine Childs is not only an accomplished actress, she is also a qualified yoga instructor and experienced motivational speaker.

Following the show, students will participate in a seminar during which they will learn a variety of mental and physical exercises to help them to find their own inner strength. From years of experience, Charmaine speaks about following your own path to success, and shares some invaluable strategies to assist students to follow their own passion.

The Strong Lady Secondary School incursion is available only in Term 1 of 2018, before the show heads off once again on another international tour. The incursion is available on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast in selected NSW locations.

To find out more about the award winning show featured in this incursion, visit the Strong Lady website.

Don’t miss our on this opportunity to book a highly entertaining and highly motivational incursion with a vaudeville twist!

To find out more, simply email or use our online contact form.

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