True Strength – The Tale of a Strong Man

true strength show
true strength circus show

True Strength Show Reveals The Heart in Circus

The True Strength show combines acrobatics, balancing acts and comedy in a heart warming tale. Through high level hand balancing skills and witty story telling this show delivers an important message for all young people.

True Strength is not just the story of Strong Man Sam, it is a story that offers young people an insight into the true meaning of being strong and resilient. Through his comical adventures Strong Man Sam invites the audience to think about the way we can support our friends, and encourage others to take positive risks and overcome failure. It is an important topic for today’s youth, who face a complex social world of cyber-relationships as they figure out the kind of adults that they want to become.

True Strength entertained audiences this holidays, but it also left them with a take home message. Encouraging people of all ages, shapes and sizes to be proud of who they are, and to overcome their fears. True Strength is available as a school show, and a vacation care show. It uses circus to explore a complex issue in a light and comedic way.

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